Fear – The four letter word that will define the outcome of your life.

You have the option to allow fear to dictate your life and your accomplishments and those of your future family are you have the choice to come against fear and realize it for what it is. You see, some people think they are fearless yet they fail to realize that oftentimes our logic & rationalization is merely our fear.

Even though we give it a different name, it is still fear all the same.

In this life, you’ll have lots of ideas, dreams and thoughts.  If you’re like the vast majority of people – you’ll spend your life talking yourself out of dreams.   

Your hopes, your dreams, and ultimately your destiny – all require you to step out in faith and against fear.

Fear is not of God.

Not the kind of fear that holds us back. That kind of fear that comes against us in the dead of night telling us things like –

You’ll surely fail so what is the point in trying?

People will judge you, mock you and ridicule you so why put yourself out there?  

These are all lies told by an unseen enemy to keep you from your God given destiny.  On the other side of fear is where your dreams & destiny are waiting for you.

You are more powerful than you realize.  

You are smarter than you think.

You can achieve far more than you can imagine.

It’s all waiting for you on the other side of fear. 

Fear will never leave you. You have to become stronger than your fear.  Comfortable with your fear. 

Understand it for what it is then follow your dreams anyway.

Don’t be afraid to love, afraid to laugh, afraid to take a chance, afraid to experience life.

Follow your heart past your fear because I have a secret to tell you my friend – your life is waiting for you on the other side. 

All my love,

– B