When I first felt the call on my heart to help those around me find their way to peace and joy, I struggled…a lot.

I was physically and emotionally drained all the time and I couldn’t figure out why…

My thoughts were filled with desires to stop doing what I was doing, stop sowing into people, stop investing my time and emotional energy in people who were so empty and dead on the inside.

I spent all day pouring myself into so many people around me who said they wanted to change and said they wanted the knowledge they needed to transform their lives, yet at the end of the day – they were not ready for or committed to change.

There is a very powerful decision you have to make when creating your ideal life – the divinely guided life that God wants for you.

It’s the decision that you will change because you realize that your decisions have gotten you where you are and obviously that isn’t where you want to be so what has to happen?  Change.

So here I was feeling sorry for myself, thinking about leaving the ministry before I ever really even got started and then I went to church one day and heard a sermon that would change the way I’d think about how I interacted with people for the rest of my life.

The sermon was on fertile ground and the preacher spoke about sowing into fertile ground, referencing the parable in Matthew 13 and then it all clicked for me!

I’d been expending all my energy on infertile ground!  No wonder I was tired!

I was life coaching at the time and I had another coach refer to it as being a lighthouse instead of a tugboat.  You can’t push people in the way they need to go – they have to be freely willing to go in that direction themselves or nothing that you say or do is going to do any good.  So instead of trying to force them in a different direction, be the lighthouse for those who are actively seeking the light.  They will understand what you have to say on a deeper level.

I immediately changed what it was that I was doing and my life changed.  My feeling of constant emotional exhaustion left and God was able to lead me to those people who I could really help – the ones who were ready for change.

So, if you’re struggling with the same thing today – ask yourself what kind of ground are you sowing into?  Are you investing in people with fertile hearts so that your seed may grow or are you throwing your seeds out amongst the rocks?

Make your message count because it’s worth hearing!

All my love,