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I have a confession...

I used to think I was invincible.

Hi, I'm Bridget Irby and I'm a business genius.  Business & communication come naturally to me.  

So naturally that with no marketing or sales experience, I led my first turn around generating millions of dollars of revenue in less than a year.

I went on to conduct several turnarounds and eventually build an international digital marketing agency, give talks on huge stages, and write best selling books.

I experienced tremendous success until...

on march 7, 2017 - everything changed.

Have you ever had one of those days where you wake up in the morning and everything is great but by the time you lay down in bed that night, you feel like nothing will be okay ever again?

That's what happened to me on March 7, 2017.

My husband and I were getting ready to leave for dinner.  Realizing it was getting late and our son wasn't home yet, I asked my husband to call and check in on him.

He was a senior in high school with his own vehicle so he was often out but not typically late.  After multiple phone calls and text messages, we'd still heard no response.

A few minutes later, a text came through his phone.  It just said, "Call me."

Thinking that was odd, my husband called our son's phone.

a strange voice answered.

Moments later, we'd learn that voice was the voice of the hospital chaplain at our local trauma hospital.  He'd carefully explain that we needed to get to the hospital quickly because our son was in an accident.

The car ride to the hospital was like something out of a dream.  As much as my husband and I tried to calm each other down, we both knew that the hospital chaplain isn't the one to call when everything is going to be okay.

When we arrived to the hospital, we were told our son was in ICU fighting for his life with a multitude of injuries.  The worst injury being to his brain.  We braced for impact as the doctors told us...

our son was in a coma.

For the next year, my husband and I would do nothing but focus on our family.

This meant moving states so our son could get the best care, homeschooling our younger children, and ultimately, providing 24 hour care for our son in a coma at home so he wouldn't be placed in a nursing home.

While I was grateful to have the ability to be with my family when they needed me most, I was devastated to watch as other parents had to leave their children's bedside to go back to work.

While it was a choice and sometimes a struggle, we were able to remain focused on our family without working because I had one key skill. 

i knew how to generate revenue quickly.

The business formulas that I'd perfected all those years ago in the corporate world are what allowed me to be with my family when they needed me most.

​It took this experience to teach me that I'm far from invincible and the truth is, so are you.

Whether you're small business owner, a solopreneur, or CEO looking to scale, if you don't have the processes in place right now to allow your business to run and grow without you - you are at risk.

You need to have the systems in place to generate leads & convert consistently along with a team who can support your growth so that if something ever happens, you can focus on your family when they need you most.

That's why I do what I do.  Whether you work with me or someone like me, it's up to you to get the support you need and put the systems in place so that you and your family are secure and protected.

track record

In 2007, Bridget Took A Skilled Nursing Facility From The Edge Of Bankruptcy To Over $6 Million In Revenue In Less Than Two Years.

In 2010, Bridget Doubled Medicare Revenue For A Different Skilled Nursing Facility In Less Than 60 Days.

In 2012, Bridget Led A Nonprofit Hospital That Had Not Turned A Profit In FIVE YEARS To Over $90,000 In PROFIT In Just 45 Days.

Since then Bridget has helped countless business owners around the world increase their revenue, hire & train their sales teams, and create a business that allows them the freedom they need to enjoy their life.

From keynotes to workshops to private coaching, she's known as the go-to resource for business results.

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