We all know what life is like, right?


The hustle and bustle.  Running here, running there, running everywhere…


That’s no way to live your life. I mean who really wants to live their life rushing around all the time?


In the process of stepping into your divine life (you know, the life you should be living) you have to learn how to take care of you. This article will share with you three simple tips that you can apply every day to start loving on yourself a little more each day.




That’s right, momma – it’s time to go to bed earlier & get up earlier.


I know this may not be easy at first but trust meit will be worth it.


The more rest you get – the better you function, right?  Imagine more quality sleep along with having enough time to gather your thoughts in the morning before starting your hectic day.  How would that change how you function & react to situations throughout the day?


Trust me on this one – this will have a bigger effect in your life then you realize.


So many times, as women we tend to put everyone else first. The problem is that when you do not take care of you, you cannot take care of anyone else. If you are not properly rested it’s difficult to deal with the simple things that we have to deal with everyday.


So get started today by getting at least 30 minutes more sleep than you’re used to & getting up 30 minutes earlier to have time just for you in the morning.  Also, shy away from electronics starting a minimum of one hour before bed to improve your quality of sleep.  No more scrolling yourself to sleep on Facebook.  😉




Yes, ma’am!  I totally went there.


Did you know that the vast majority of the population exists in a state of dehydration?


In fact, according to enviroalternatives.com, 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated.


Why??  We’ve got water readily available, right?


Yes, but what most people don’t realize is that all the tea, soft drinks & other flavored beverages which we drink that contain caffeine actually pull water from our system.  You see, caffeine acts as a natural diuretic sucking the water that we need so much to function properly.


Also, even mild dehydration will slow down your metabolism by up to 3%.  Who needs that?!  I work hard to keep my metabolism at an aging, overweight turtle pace – I definitely don’t need any help slowing that down!


Anyways, the point is that not having enough water will lead to all kinds of negatives like slow metabolism, short-term memory problems, difficulty focusing, fatigue & much more so do yourself a favor and get the right amount of water for you!


Ditch Your To Do List


Did your heart just skip a beat?  The color drained from your face?


I know how you feel, friend!  Yet, let me tell you when I ditched my to do list in favor of a priority list – the overwhelm that I used to live with every day seemed to just melt away.


Have you ever written all five hundred things that you need to get done down on your to do list thinking that it would make you feel better only to look at the completed list in horror, completely overwhelmed with the amount of stuff you have to do?  Next, as you’re consumed & stressed by all the important things you must get done, you find it difficult to relax & focus on spending quality time with friends & family because all you can think about is the next thing on your to-do list.


Has this ever happened to you or was it just me?


My to do list used to dictate my life!  I was always running here & there, getting a million things done even though they weren’t necessarily in order of importance.  Not anymore, sister!  Now, I allow myself to have 2-3 priority tasks each day and I only focus on getting those done and let everything else fall into place.


I spent years thinking if I didn’t do something, it wouldn’t get done.  I was just defeating myself.  You can’t be master of the universe and if you spend your life trying, you’ll stress yourself into a heart attack long before it’s your time!

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