Step 1 – Give God the first thought of every day.

The first thoughts of the day are the thoughts that will define how your day goes the majority of the time so if you make a valiant effort to praise God immediately upon waking it will help to give you a grateful heart for the rest of your day. Ultimately what we’re all here  for is to be in a position to show God’s love with a grateful heart to those around you, right?

So if you want to spread God’s love and keep your connection keep your first thought of everyday guarded.

Step 2 – Control your influences.

It’s really easy in this world that we live in to feel disconnected from God. Our culture today does not readily provide what Christians need to be surrounded with such as uplifting books, music and TV. If you do not seek these things out you’ll be hard pressed to stumble upon them. What you read, what you listen to and what you are surrounded by is crucial to your divine connection. If all you listen to is angry or sad music & all you read are romance novels and things of this world – don’t expect it to be easy to keep your connection.

Instead, intentionally seek God and things of His nature.

Step 3 – Seek God before anything else.

Going to church on Sunday and hearing a good message is not enough to keep you filled with the spirit all the time…

Church is great – very needed and a equality minister can provide so much valuable information and assistance.  Yet, you have to develop your own personal relationship with God. In order to do that, you have to seek God everyday intentionally. That means reading His word, spending time in prayer, listening to the right things, watching the right movies, being around the right people and controlling those influences to make sure that the influences you are around are the ones that He desires for you.

God will bless you with so much more than you could ever realize – all you have to do is seek Him.

Step 4 – Control your emotions.

I could write a whole book just on this topic…

So many times in this world we allow our emotions to rule us. Yet, what God desires for us is something totally different. The Bible calls for us to act a certain way.  First and foremost – we are called to love. If we allow our emotions to rule our lives we cannot love others in the way that God really wants us to love. Emotions such as anger, hate, jealousy, vengeance, bitterness, doubt and fear will keep you from your divine path and your divine connection.

Learning to master your emotions is learning to master yourself and it is imperative on your divine journey.

You will never become the person that God wants you to be until you learn how to master your emotions so when you feel your emotions begin to overtake you – stand firm and remember that God has called you to love others that means that you immediately forgive them for any wrong that they have done.