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Don't smack anyone in the face with a chair, my friend...

When people used to say to me things like “Your thoughts control your reality” or start talking to me about "spiritual laws," I’d smile, appear engaged, and listen politely even though I thought it was all nonsense.

The truth was that inside, I was rolling my eyes and thinking that what they were saying was absurd. Your thoughts control your reality? Come on…

Clearly, they weren’t living my life.

Because my life was hard.

I was a single mom doing everything in my power just to make ends meet.

My credit cards were maxed. My mortgage was due.

Nothing about my life was easy.

The fact that someone had the audacity to tell me that I could “think” my way to a better life made me want to smack them in the face with a chair...

Ultimately, my life did change.

I built an incredibly successful business.

I wrote a best selling book.

I've traveled the world - speaking, coaching, and training some of the most amazing influencers that exist today.

A large part of my success had to do with my thoughts changing but it also had to do with understanding the *REAL* formula for business growth.

If you’re in a space right now where you know something has to change but you don’t know where to start…

If you know you should be charging more for your services but you don't know how to increase your prices...

If you're tired of begging for business from client who don't understand, value, or appreciate what you do...

If you know that you're made for more but your cash flow doesn't currently reflect a "successful" business...

If you want the exact blueprint to sky rocket your business growth in the next year...

You are in the right place.

There is a simple 3 step formula that I've used to turn my business and my life around.

This same 3 step formula allowed me to go from struggling to multiple six figures in less than 90 days...

It allowed Jade to sell out her entire program (over $2,000 per seat) in less than two weeks... 

It allowed Adam to sell out his very FIRST mastermind in less than 3 hours...

It allowed David to make more money in ONE WEEK than he'd made in the previous YEAR...

And if you implement every step - it will allow you to double your revenue without spending hours a day on social media, having a fancy website, or any of the other stuff the "gurus" tell you that you need to have.

I can't tell you how to change your thoughts because that's something I'm still learning...

But I can teach you how to build a successful company, charge your worth, and create a business that support your family.

If you want to learn the secrets to being so magnetic that clients chase you down credit cards in hand - begging to buy from you - click here to schedule a consultation with me now.


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You'd be crazy not to work with Bridget & her team.

The first time that we connected through Zoom, I instantly fell in love with Bridget. She was just this bright light who actually listened. Listened to my needs, my wants, my desires. She listened to what was important to me as to what I needed to make my business grow and to really develop my brand. On that Zoom conversation that we had, I knew instantly that I wanted to hire her. I knew that she was capable. I knew that she was successful in the past. I knew that she knew exactly what she was talking about. And I also knew that she would stay on top of it because she held her commitment to our appointment. She was on point. I've never worked with someone who was so speedy at getting back to me and just knowing exactly what I needed before I knew I needed it. Her team has been absolutely on point. I highly recommend Bridget and her team. They're amazing. You'd be crazy not to work with them.

Rachel Ortense - CEO & Industry Leader

To have someone that amazing in my corner, who's staying on top of the trends, who understands how to message, who undertook the time and energy and insight to understand my business and what I was going to need, it's just been invaluable.

One of the things that I always struggled with was mostly time. If you're a busy business owner like I am, I don't have time to always keep on top of all of the trends, and all of the latest things that are available. To have someone that amazing in my corner, who's staying on top of the trends, who understands how to message, who undertook the time and energy and insight to understand my business and what I was going to need, it's just been invaluable. It's freed me up to be able to actually be more in my business and actually continue to serve more because we're bringing in the clients we need to bring in without as much effort from me. So, if you're thinking about working with Bridget, I highly, highly recommend it. I say, go for it, have fun, and she's just a joy.

Sarah Walton - Business Mentor

It's one thing to build a brand and have an idea, but it's another thing to stand out from all the others that are out there.

It's one thing to build a brand and have an idea, but it's another thing to stand out from all the others that are out there. Bridget helped me tap into what I was looking for that I could bring to the table. She helped me find my target audience. She helped me understand the work that needed to go into it.

Before I met Bridget, I was doing personal coaching and probably making anywhere from 500 to a thousand dollars a month with my brand. After about 90 days of working with Bridget, I started making solid 2,000 to $3,000 a month. Well, with everything Bridget's taught me, here I am how many years later? Almost two years later from when I first met her and I am a multiple six-figure earner in not only my network marketing company, but now in my Moms and Heels brand as well.

Marina Simone - President & CEO

I sold out my first Mastermind group in three hours...

Before I met Bridget, I had like a vague idea of what to do. With her help, after three weeks of working together, I could sell my first Mastermind group in three hours, by really saying the things to the folks I targeted as my audience. She knows exactly knows what is going to be your next step, and they exactly know what your future, destination point should be based on your kind of vague ideas. The Mastermind is an incredible tool to get you clarity, to get you a good message of what you need to say to really resonate with the people you want to resonate with, your future clients, and, also, she has the perfect ability, giving you the exact tools that you need to apply. It's not just like, go out to the market and try to get this or that. It's exactly the advice that you need.

Adam Nagy - Speaker, Coach, & Leadership Trainer

I met Bridget last year and I'm so incredibly grateful and thankful every day that I did.

I think our crossing paths is one of the most wonderful things that could have happened to me and my businesses. Before I met Bridget, I was bouncing back and forth between blog posts and books and trainings and coaches and mentors and consultants and I had invested high five figures over the period of a few months, to get a bunch of momentum and move forward. No matter what we did or how hard we tried, even though we were following all of these instructions perfectly, nothing seemed to work.

She's not just giving generic advice or handing over a script of, "This is what I tell everybody to do." She understands how we work. She understands our situation and she tailors her advice according and really masterfully. She has this incredible, big-picture vision of how things are going to work out in the long run and she understands how all the little pieces along the way are going to tie it together. So it's this amazing ability to see like big picture all the way down to all the tiny pieces and how they add up. There's so much going on, but she doesn't make it seem overwhelming. She has incredible vision, incredible understanding of strategy, but unlike the other people that we've worked with, she delivers it all with total clarity. So if you're on the fence about working with Bridget, just get off the fence, call her, call her now. Do it and you're going to get that momentum that you've been looking for everywhere else.

Erin Pheil - CEO & Founder Of Mindfix & Followbright

Bridget - what a God send...

Bridget, what a godsend. She has made me feel so comfortable, I've learned so much. My biggest struggles coming into this were literally everything you could imagine; the tech pieces, the marketing, understanding funnels, figuring out Instagram ads, social media elements. Her patience is really phenomenal, and she put me at ease. I started to feel super comfortable asking any and all questions no matter how remedial they may seem to most people. She really brought out my comfort to put myself in front of the camera, doing Facebook Live sessions, creating videos.

Thanks to her, I am leaps and bounds in a different place from where I was two short months ago. She is super on it when it comes to responding to emails, text messages, calls; I feel so well taken care of, and I would absolutely recommend Bridget and her team to anyone, no matter the industry. She embraces it all, and my goodness, they go above and beyond the extra mile in all the details I would have never even thought about to really market and push my business, and really gain exposure interaction. I'm really grateful for her help. I recommend her! Thank you.

Gwen Kellet - CEO, Glam Squad Advisor


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